Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


It is our daily mission,
to create, by cutting on dry hair,
an easy to wear and unique hairstyle
for everyone,
to make them sparkle and shine!



After a thorough analysis,
where we listen to the needs and desires of the customer,
we create through a cut on dry hair, a color and care,
a super sexy and funky hairstyle,
that makes the customer so happy
that they will keep coming back to us.


Core Values

1. Constantly give an extraordinary customer service
2. Be open to change
3. Make it fun and a little "wakko"
4. Be adventurous, creative and open minded
5. Go for constant growth and development
6. Practice honest and open communication
7. Always keep a positive and fun team spirit
8. Develop technical mastery
9. Be passionate
10. Be modest